Our Machines

Maxwell Plant Hire have the following plant available for hire either with an operator or for self drive within a 35 mile radius of Heathrow and further afield for long-term Contract Hire.


{link:https://www.maxwellplanthire.com/our-machines/jcb-3cx-contractors/}JCB 3CX Contractor{/link}

JCB 1 Tonne Micro

{link:https://www.maxwellplanthire.com/our-machines/jcb-1-tonne-micro-minis/}JCB 1 Tonne Micros{/link}

Thwaites 1 & 3 Tonne Skip Loaders

{link:https://www.maxwellplanthire.com/our-machines/thwaites-1-3-tonne-skip-loaders/}Thwaites 1 & 3 Tonne Skip Loaders{/link}

JCB 1 Tonne Mini

{link:https://www.maxwellplanthire.com/our-machines/jcb-1-tonne-minis/}JCB 1 Tonne Minis{/link}

JCB 3 Tonne Mini

{link:https://www.maxwellplanthire.com/our-machines/jcb-3-tonne-minis/}JCB 3 Tonne Minis{/link}

JCB 6 Tonne Midi

{link:https://www.maxwellplanthire.com/our-machines/jcb-6-tonne-midis/}JCB 6 Tonne Midis{/link}

JCB 13 Tonne Excavator

{link:https://www.maxwellplanthire.com/our-machines/jcb-13-tonne-excavators/}JCB 13 Tonne Excavators{/link}

JCB 20 Tonne Excavator

{link:https://www.maxwellplanthire.com/our-machines/jcb-20-tonne-excavators/}JCB 20 Tonne Excavators{/link}

Scarab Sweeper

{link:https://www.maxwellplanthire.com/our-machines/scarab-sweeper/}Scarab Sweeper{/link}

All Maxwell Plant Hire’s machinery is available to hire with a variety of attachments. For any further information on our products & services call on 01895 270777.

Note: Images are for illustration only, actual models may vary